June 2017-1 Month exhibition at Blend, Green Lanes N7
Previous Exhibitions include-
Collection in Oils, Acrylic and Mixed Media 2016 Exhibited Nov 2016-Jan 2017 at Haunt, Stoke Newington


Old French. Archaic. it may be; possibly; perhaps, by chance


Sammm is currently undertaking a 6 year training programme in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and during this time she has been able to combine her years of artistic endevours to find an expression for her inner experience to give a voice for her personal perspective on reality. 


Her upcoming exhibition at Haunt, Stoke Newington entiteld #PerAventure comprises of three collections all stylistically influenced from her career as a MUA in terms of Colouration, Vibrance, Layers, Contrast and Mark Making.


The Surreal Landscape Canvas series is drawn from locations visited and  emotions evoked whilst there and internal reflections they have left after.

Her second series is a communication of a waking dream experience  expressed on paper-an imaginary battle in the abyss; the culminations of 10 years worth of focus depicted in chronological stages.

The final series featured in this exhibition are the 4, 20 x 20 inch canvas’s that portray identifications with the Void, Emptiness and a look into emotions that words are unable to express. Her work is a mixture of abstract expressionism and surreal physical happenings with the mental perspective: what may be a red rose to one person may be an ogre to another.


Sammms work continues to be created on A3 and upward sized mediums, please check out her website for more information on her work.



Paintings by Sammm Agnew


All artwork will be available for sale. 


Gallery of the Launch night at Haunt, Stoke Newington, London

Gallery of the Peraventure Collection

Video Review of Peraventure Launch night by Director and Producer @WickerGirl

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